There is a universal need for an authenticity of experience that transcends the limitations we impose on ourselves by following cultural traditions, ideologies, belief systems, and so on. People are searching for ways to experience the full spectrum of their humanity.

The foundation of our work is based on what I call “neuro-dharma”. I am interested in igniting a passion to connect with what is deepest and most true in all of us, which is usually hidden and rarely accessible. We will utilize neuroscience to understand our mind. The scientific method allows some people to approach ways of understanding what they would otherwise shun, so it can be used as a skillful means for opening people’s minds. Bringing science into Progressive TLC and using a language such as NVC that people can understand, we benefit by learning to become intimate with the workings of our minds in a way that generates more insight and clarity.

We will focus on literacy in feelings and needs, emotion regulation, procedural memory, cognitive control, attention, cortical stimulation, and physical health (stress reduction and greater physical wellbeing). Our work, based on the development of mindfulness, is not limited to communication. It expands into education, business, family, environment, the justice system, politics, parenting, healthcare, science and more.


The awareness we create by ‘mindfulness’ encompasses the motivation for our actions—the way we are driven by the subconscious without consideration for our values and without our consent. Progressive TLC enables us to be less driven by unexamined motivation, by putting ourselves first or putting ourselves down and controlling things based on our fears. When we harmonize thought and language in this way, we greatly enhance our well-being.