Business Development

"We train and support individuals and organizations to become what they want to be”.

Progressive TLC at work - a USA representative of IAK international

Together, Progressive TLC and IAK deliver techniques and strategies tailored to the different needs of each organization. When individual motivation, performance, creativity, and satisfaction are enhanced, the result is more effective teamwork and a more successful organization.

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  • Progressive TLC at work - $1500 - 4 hour course

    Weekend team building reteat - $600 per person for 2 nights and 3 days 

    Weekend team building retreat- $600 per person for for 2 full days.

    We guide and nurture high-performing, successful teams and individuals through:

    • Effective communication training
    • Leadership training and/or conferences
    • Individual and team coaching
    • Mediation and reconciliation
    • Retreats for team-building activities
    • Systematic follow-up and feedback

    We work with all organizations and professional teams, and on specific projects:

    • Diversity in multi-cultural aspects of organizations
    • Healthcare challenges: hospitals, hospice and palliative care programs, and home health

    WE Focus on:

    • Shared values and common goals
    • Connection and integration of team members
    • Development of effective communication skills
    • Mutuality and contribution
    • Setting behavioral commitment
    • Developing a tailored systemic approach to help teams and organizations achieve their highest potential

    interrelated dynamic balance of Progressive T.L.C.

    I: Self-awareness, language and communication, thought processes, self-esponsibility, personality traits and values which constitute effective leadership

    WE:  Culture, vision, mindset and effective skills in building gratifying professional relationships which result in creativity, innovation, collaboration and success.

    IT: Clarity of goals, desired and supportive structures and processes, desired changes based on collaborative creativity which promotes organizational liveliness and progression in competitive environment.

    Approaches to achieve a coherent and pragmatic outcome

    Interactive sessions to build:

    • Leadership and cooperation styles, eg. the Leader as Coach
    • Inclusive “WE” feeling and identification
    • Awareness: combining “head, heart, and hand”; learning about value/goal-based language and action.
    • Nurturing trust and openness within the team
    • Self-responsibility and Joint responsibility
    • Acknowledgement and utilization of diversity
    • Development and accompanying high performance teams
    • Establishing behavioral commitment and basic principles for successful teamwork and cooperation