Progressive TLC teaches and mentors effective scientific skills in communication and thought processes to individuals, couples and groups in order to achieve highest personal, interpersonal and professional goals and aspirations.

  • Nadereh Liaghati   


    Founder and president of Progressive TLC, and USA representative of IAK International

    Nadereh has more than two decades of experience in Hospice and Palliative Health Care, with particular focus on the interdisciplinary approach and family involvement in enhancing quality of life, meaning and purpose, multicultural communication and individual and family dynamics.



    Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration 1983

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1988

    Professional practices and focus since 1988:

    Health care and organizational development

    Leadership and education in health care

    Studies of organizational processes and communication 

    Neuroscience related to personal and interpersonal communication

    Effective and systematic individual, family and group communication

    Education programs for staff and leadership team

    Changes in behavior, language, and (ultimately) culture in emotional regulation, cortical stimulation, collaboration and cooperation in the midst of human diversity and differences.



    Progressive TLC recognizes the impact on our minds of the constant conflict most of us experience in our everyday communication and behaviour. We suffer—and unwittingly inflict—violence in our thoughts, speech and actions. This violence is competitive in nature and as real as a sustained physical assault. It is habitual, yet we’re mostly unaware of it. It is ingrained in us by all of human history, and reinforced by our culture, which emphasizes dominance, superiority and winning over submission, inferiority and losing. Judging ourselves and others by this dominant-submissive, superior-inferior, winner-loser paradigm prevents meaningful interaction, collaboration and connection.

    Progressive TLC is based on a more highly evolved model of thinking and communicating. It leads the mind to fully engage in all communication and action, and to respect human beings as equal and human needs as universal. Applying the most up-to-date scientific understanding of the brain, and using proven methods, we identify and “undo” counterproductive cultural programming, which leads to the practice of a new paradigm in our thought, language and connection—a paradigm that engages the higher-functioning parts of the brain and puts them in control. This more highly evolved practice creates lasting qualitative improvements in personal life, working environment and society at large.

    In short: aware that problematic violence exists in our mind, language and action, we engage in effective practices to conduct our thoughts, language and connections in a harmonious way.